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Welcome to One Gift. I'm happy you've arrived. My name is Brad Scott and my gift is bringing out the best in others. I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Long Beach. It's through countless mentors, friendship, and supportive parents that I'm finally doing what I love for a living.

About One Gift

The Goal of One Gift therapy and life coaching is to hold space for you to:


1. Identify ways that structures such as your work place, school systems, and social expectations influence the development of your own voice and the opportunities you have.


2. Find your voice, connect with it, listen to it, and find strength and direction.


3. Use your voice as the guiding principle by which you lead a full and connected life.

4. Prepare to be noticed! When you walk in your own truth, the universe notices. You'll have tools and skills to navigate the expanded challenges and opportunities that come with alignment.