One Individual can change the world

One Individual

One Gift Individual is one-on-one coaching and support with the aim of aligning you to your purpose.


One Gift Individual offers a safe/non-judgmental space to explore the core of yourself. If you wake up most days and feel like you're living to fulfill someone else's dream then this is the place for you. If you're ready to unpack your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs - in other words be vulnerable - then you're well on your way to transformation.  


It's my purpose to help as many people as possible to discover their purpose. Let's go to work.  

At the end of your one Individual experience you will have:

Centered yourself and connected to your inner voice.  Whose voice is it?... You will be able to differentiate between your voice and other voices of influence.

Processed anxiety that often undermines progress.


Identified an area of growth and taken concrete steps with the guidance of a knowledgeable coach.


Made a declaration of impactfulness.


Taken a proper inventory of your environment to find dream fuel.


Been able to succinctly and unapologetically communicate about your gifts to the world.


Started to become comfortable with plan A and not settling for someone else’s vision.


Learned strategies to protect your vision.


A clear understanding of the difference between implementation and merely hoping for something to happen.


Strengthened your trust in the process of creating space for your own goals to flourish.                      I                      (949) 427-0957                        I                          onegiftgroup     

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