About Brad

Brad has dedicated his life to public service. He is a licensed therapist in the state of California and received his master’s degree in marriage and family therapy with the express intent of aiding individuals to cut through ridged social structures and connect with their own voice. He has been active in providing therapeutic and coaching services in domestic violence and human trafficking, veteran services, and to foster care youth and their family systems.

He has been actively engaged in holding space for individuals to connect, listen to, and trust their own voice.


Brad’s unique approaches have facilitated his success in sitting with clients to aid them, navigate and push back on complex social structures, which have historically eroded people’s ability to even access basic needs.

Brad’s experience with foster care youth and family structure

Brad has addressed systems of inequity through challenging school systems to implement policies that promote health and well-being for children of color, children on the spectrum, children who are economically disadvantaged, and children limited by low expectations due to gender labels.



Brad’s experience working with survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking

Brad has worked with survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking and was a part of running counter narratives that blame victims and silence women’s voices. His experience was vital in breaking generational cycles of violence. Brad believes in a strength-based model, through which he sought to be a guide for clients to recognize the inner strength and wisdom that has always been there.



Brad’s experience working with Veterans

Brad empowered veterans experiencing homelessness by coaching them to bravely walk into a new life. He also directly assisted them to find stable housing. Brad has advocated to promote access to medical services, fair housing practices, and meaningful outlets of inclusion for veterans' re-integration into society with dignity and recognition of the diversity of their unique struggles.



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